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These are the toys that were in rotation for Solu at 25 and 26 months old. List goes left to right and top to bottom

  1. Insect Replicas initially used alone and then extended by finding matches in this sticker book and then creating matching vocabulary cards using the stickers.
  2. Community workers replicas. These have been so loved by the three children who have used them. They have been used to learn the names of the workers but then Solu also enjoys finding similarities and differences e.g. picking out which ones are wearing brown shoes, hats, similar colors etc.
  3. Musical instruments toob used with this awesome first discovery book. I have a separate post on this activity.
  4. This beautiful book Tools used with this home depot tool box and other set of tools I put together to go with the different pages in the book
  5. Open and close box with different containers which has also served as a language material to learn or re-inforce words like screw, flip, zipper etc.
  6. Kobba Bops board
  7. A tonging activity that is also an opportunity to identify and match colors. Something which he has been very interested in.
  8. Lacing with bigger beads and a very long lace encouraging a lot of gross motor movement in addition to fine motor and eye hand coordination
  9. Screwing with a phillips screw driver or with hand. The different sizes encourages visual discrimination and the whole activity develops fine motor skills and eye hand coordination
  10. Sewing on burlap attached to an embroidery hoop. The screw on the hoop provides an opportunity for fine motor and eye hand coordination. The needle has a large eye that allows the child practice threading a needle (EHC)
  11. A transportation puzzle. These never get old around here. This one offers a small challenge because some of the pieces are similar and the picture in the base is black and white so it is not an exact match.
  12. A vintage five piece puzzle that he really enjoyed
  13. A 3D vehicle puzzle by Manhattan toys. He really enjoy this and learned new vocabulary – Concrete mixer. It also allowed for creativity because he could arrange the pieces in different ways to come up with a new version
  14. Because he enjoyed the concrete mixer so much, I put this similar one by ikea (lilaboo line) out when he got bored with it. It has gotten so much use and is so AMAZING. My husband also enjoyed building with it.
  15. Home made sound cylinders. Only two sets but he is was ready for three sets after some use. I used beans in one set and salt in the other
  16. I put this Pkolino stacker out on a whim and he really enjoyed it. It is stacking but with the extra challenge of matching the pieces. He also came up with his activity of stacking the pieces and then putting in the dowel upside down
  17. This material is from Early school materials is fun!
  18. I put this Pounding bench on the shelf after observing his interest in using a hammer with the toolbox
  19. Grimm Rainbow Stacker
  20. DIY napkins for folding
  21. Stickers and cards to stick them unto
  22. Glue box. Ours is Nienhuis
  23. Leaf rubbing using stockmar block crayons. We love these crayons
  24. Playdoh with mold.
  25. Cutting paint samples. The lines help orient his hand and provide a point of interest

Also enjoyed during this time period were unit blocks, his beloved tricycle, scooter, slide and lots of self created gross motor activities. Also lots of practical life and painting at easel and table. I’ll be writing more detailed posts on the activities but Wanted to have a list for reference.

As always, I’m happy to answer any questions.

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