Teaching Gentleness through Practical Life

Eggs are fragile. Whether handling raw eggs, cracking them, peeling or slicing them, extra care is required to get the desired results. While this requirement might seem like a good reason to prevent children from working with eggs, it is the exact reason why children, even toddlers should work with them. Working with eggs provides the … More Teaching Gentleness through Practical Life

Why Practical Life?

Yesterday, my son woke up, walked out of the room and immediately signed “hungry”. He then walked into the kitchen and pointed to his apron and signed for putting it on. I handed it to him (I need to install a lower hook), he put it on and proceeded to pull out his kitchen helper … More Why Practical Life?

Cooking with a Toddler: Making Almond Milk

I can’t stress how beneficial cooking is for children. Some of the benefits include: Independence Self esteem and confidence Fine motor skills Gross Motor skills Sequencing Practical life skills Math preparation- counting, measuring, fractions etc. Language Grace and Courtesy Concentration Sensorial- Taste, Color, Testure, Smell and even sounds We make almond milk every 3 to … More Cooking with a Toddler: Making Almond Milk