REVIEW: Prenatal Care at Reddington Hospital in Victoria Island Lagos

Doctor’s Name: Dr. Charles Iwuala

Hospital Information:

Reddington Hospital.

Address: 12 Idowu Martins Street, (next to Mega Plaza) Victoria Island, Lagos.
Phone Nos: + 234 (0)1 262 1234 (Emergency), 2715341, 271 5342, 271 5343 – 9
Fax: + 234 (0)1 261 0442E-Mail:

Hospital Rating: ***** (4.5 Stars)

Doctor Rating: ***** (5 Stars)

Detailed Review:

My experience with Reddington started when I called to make enquiries about options for prenatal care. Everyone I spoke to (Receptionist, Women Clinic, Billing) was very polite and helpful. They were able to answer my questions or transfer me to the appropriate person. After the call, I was looking forward to my first visit. I wasnt disappointed! The atmosphere and staff at Reddington is extremely welcoming. You are greeted with a smile as soon as you walk in. The registration process is straightforward. It cost 5000 Naira to register because I did not have insurance (I am unsure of the insurance process). After registering, I was told to wait in the waiting room which was very neat and modern. There were some magazine s and a TV to keep you busy while waiting.

Modern waiting lounge

Modern waiting lounge

A wider view of the lounge. Sorry for the quality

A wider view of the lounge. Sorry for the quality

We were early for our first appointment  but once registration was done, we were asked to go upstairs to the women’s clinic. Again, everyone (staff) we passed greeted us with a smile and the hospital was clean and smelt nice. We had to wait for the Dr. since we were early but he saw us 30 mins later. The nurses were attentive and told me to rest since I just took the stairs so that my blood pressure reading would be accurate. They also saw walking towards the toilet (which was clean and had tissue paper) and asked me to wait since I would probably have an ultrasound later. I really found them to be very pleasant through the entire experience.

I will review the doctor below so I’ll just talk about the prenatal package. It costs #150,000 (naira) and includes:

  • Dr visits (approx 10). which would be 10000 naira each outside the package
  • All your tests and trust me there are a lot of them
  • 3 ultrasounds
  • Vitamins
  • Tetanus shots
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Antenatal classes
  • Something else I am probably forgetting but you get the idea

The package does not include the actual delivery but for all that it includes, I think it is worth the price. Some people may not be in Nigeria for the entire duration of their pregnancy but we did the math and even if you will be here for only 6 months, the package is still a better option. I highly recommend it!

I have attended 2 antenatal classes and I found them to be helpful. I have read several pregnancy books and I still picked up a few things. That said, go prepared to learn some scary things! It is also a nice way to meet and maybe make friends with other pregnant ladies. The classes are an hour long and are held in a nice auditorium type room. The nurses who conduct the classes are nice, knowledgeable and willing to answer every question. We get apples and water at every class which I thought was nice.

My 4.5 rating of the hospital is based on the customer service (professional, pleasant and efficient), the environment  (neat and pleasant smelling plus the toilet was clean which is not always a given in Nigeria), The staff which was very helpful (even if you look lost for a second, someone is already asking if you need help), and the processes (efficient and seamless plus they explained every step in detail and worked with us to fit our situation).

The only reason I took of 0.5 points is that there are not enough parking spaces. If you don’t have a driver, you might have to drive around a couple of times and end up having to walk a bit. Otherwise I found the hospital to be wonderful!

Here are some pictures of the women clinic and the ultrasound room.

Reception desk at the women's clinic

Reception desk at the women’s clinic



Vestal · November 21, 2014 at 7:03 am

Are you assigned to one doctor that you will be visiting or its any doctor that avail is who you see during your appointments.

    nduoma · November 21, 2014 at 8:22 am

    I chose a doctor and made an appointment with him specifically

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