10 benefits of food preparation with young children

I took this video of Solu preparing Okra by cutting off the top and I thought it illustrated some of the main advantages of food preparation with young children. Building confidence Developing a sense of order – a place for everything and everything in its place Developing self control Enriching Vocabulary Math preparation – observing … More 10 benefits of food preparation with young children

Teaching Gentleness through Practical Life

Eggs are fragile. Whether handling raw eggs, cracking them, peeling or slicing them, extra care is required to get the desired results. While this requirement might seem like a good reason to prevent children from working with eggs, it is the exact reason why children, even toddlers should work with them. Working with eggs provides the … More Teaching Gentleness through Practical Life

Cooking with a Toddler: Some Practical Considerations

When working with a child in the kitchen, there are a few considerations that need to be taken into account. A comfortable work surface: This can be a low table or a kitchen helper/learning tower kind of solution. We have both because different tasks require different surfaces. You can see both at use in this video. … More Cooking with a Toddler: Some Practical Considerations

Why Practical Life?

Yesterday, my son woke up, walked out of the room and immediately signed “hungry”. He then walked into the kitchen and pointed to his apron and signed for putting it on. I handed it to him (I need to install a lower hook), he put it on and proceeded to pull out his kitchen helper … More Why Practical Life?

Practical Life Ideas for Toddlers (In Pictures)

Per requests, these are some ideas of practical life activities to start with toddlers. I will be writing a lot about practical life this year because it’s you know… practical daily life. These pictures were taken between 11 and 15 months Care of the Environment Care of Self I don’t have pictures handy but he … More Practical Life Ideas for Toddlers (In Pictures)