Understanding and Supporting the Toddler

An online Montessori course for parents navigating the toddler years.

The course will help you gain a deeper understanding of your toddler by looking and his developmental needs and then provide you will tools to support him using the Montessori philosophy.

Price: $199


A lot of popular opinion about toddlers seem to be negative. There is a belief that they are angry, troublesome, destructive, clingy, dependent, incapable, frustrating and complex. These are misconceptions driven by a misunderstanding of the child’s true nature and developmental needs. Toddlers are indeed complex but they are also amazing little humans with so many positive characteristics. They are capable and creative scientists with an amazing sense of order and inherent joy when they are provided with the right environment and opportunities to support their development. This course will help you see your toddler with new eyes and give you the tools to support their development.

Week 1: Who is the Toddler?
During this week we will look at the toddler from 3 perspectives
– What does the toddler need to develop properly? – Human Tendencies and Planes of Development
– How does his mind work? – The Psychic Embryo and the Absorbent Mind
– How does he learn? – Sensitive Periods

Week 2: How Can we Support the Toddler We Now Know

The Prepared Environment
– Physical
– Emotional
– Supporting the Development of Movement and Language
– Materials and Activities for the different ages and stages

Week 3: Practical Life – The Keystone
– What is Practical Life and why is it so important in Supporting the toddler at home
– How to get started
– Activities

Week 4: The Development of Discipline
Discipline from a Montessori perspective is not something we do to the child, it is something that we help the child develop
– What does this mean from a toddler perspective? What is normal behavior?
– How can we support its positive development in the toddler.
– Freedom and Limits
– Dealing with difficult behavior

Week 5: Other Practical Details
– Toileting
– Siblings
– Other Practical Details that come up during the course

Format: Course Start January 9th

Twice a week (Monday and Thursday), you will receive an introductory video, Audio lectures, a summary document and a follow-up assignment.

You will also be added to a Facebook group where we share thoughts, questions and resources.

I have chosen the Audio format because of the flexibility to listen on the go or while doing other things. You will require some time to read the summary document and complete the assignment. It is an in-depth but rewarding course.

What You Will Get from This Course:

This course will provide an opportunity to gain a good understanding of the WHYs that will guide you in implementing Montessori at home. There are many examples of activities and materials on the internet; however, understanding these foundation topics will help you know how to start; why and when to offer activities; and how to problem-solve when something doesn’t seem to be working.

What You Won’t Get from This Course:

This course will not give you a formula on how to get your toddler to sleep through the night or become “obedient”. I’ll share Montessori-friendly sleep solutions and positive discipline techniques in line with the Montessori philosophy. I will also share my personal experiences of implementing these with my two children.

This is not a teacher or parent certification course. This is an educational and support course not intended to qualify you for a job, but to equip you with Montessori knowledge and practical applications. I am happy to provide information on training and certification courses.

Why You Should Take This Course with Me:

I am an AMI trained at the Assistant to Infancy (0-3 years old) and 3-6 levels. and have applied the Montessori philosophy with my two children since their births. I have also completed the RIE (Resource for Infant Educators) Foundations training. Apart from my qualifications, I am in the trenches with you. I am a mother to a 3-year-old and a 1.5-year-old who also guides 12 toddlers in a young children’s community, so I’m not far removed from the experience. I have recently been in your shoes, and I know what you are going through. We’ll be taking this journey together. While we will be discussing the theory, it will be offered in a very practical way. I am passionate about children, parenting and Montessori and I think it will come through in the course.

Reviews from Previous Course Participants

Is this e-course for me? – Review from Julia (France) and Pilar of the Full Montessori

I’d like to say thank you so much for your very comprehensive yet compact course. It changed my understanding of montessori so much. I will try as best to incorporate the principles in our house. I’m very curious. Will you be conducting a course too for 18-36 month period? I would really really really excited to join 🙂 -Dilla (Indonesia)

I took the Infant course that Junnifa ran and I found it fantastic! It was very detailed and I love how the course had videos for us to watch – in our own time! Junnifa has two young children and it was really helpful to watch her babies grow and learn. Knowing if I was to follow what I was being told my baby would follow suit and it’s happening! The course covers so many things!
Junnifa was always on hand to answer any questions and even held one to one meetings over Skype! I would definitely recommend this course, I enjoyed it so much I am going to take the next course! Throughly recommend and the price unbeatable! -Chantelle (USA)

I am so glad to hear the toddler course will be offered this year, I will absolutely be participating. ☺ I have already put much of what I learned into practice with my new baby. It’s helped so much. Whether it’s just his temperament or because of all my new found knowledge, he is such an easy going, happy baby! Either way, I’m thrilled with how well we’ve all adjusted to baby boy number 3 at home. So thank you very much……the gift of knowledge you gave me is priceless! I actually made a binder with all the course information and divided it into tabs based on baby’s age….it’s a nice guide when I’m trying to remember what to be on the lookout for and what I can provide to help meet his developmental needs. My family laughs at me and say, “He’s only a baby! You just feed him, change him, and rock him to sleep. ” I now know there is sooooo much more to it! 😉 – Crystal (USA)

The lessons are very interesting so far. I look at my daughter with sort of “scientific eyes” nClaudia (France)ow trying to identify the Tendencies and their expressions on her. – Claudia (France)

Please send any questions to Junnifa@gmail.com

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