A Montessori Toddler in the Kitchen Essentials Guide

My favorite way to practice Montessori at home is to cook with my children. I have written a lot about cooking with toddlers and its benefits. You can learn more about this and other ways to support your toddler at home by registering for the Toddler E-Course.  Today, I want to share some of our favorite tools and resources. I think they make great gifts that will be used for a long time. I have also included a gift for you. At the end of this post you can download printable of the utensils that can cut into 4 in/4 in vocabulary cards for your toddler.

Here’s our list of materials for Toddlers in the kitchen.


The first thing to consider is accessibility. The following are some options

Next some basics

Child-sized utensils for baking


Child-sized utensils for general food preparation


Books are a great way to introduce recipes and just maintain interest in kitchen activities. Here are some of our recommendations.


Other Resources

Free  Baking and Food Preparation Utensils Printable! Print, Laminate and cut into 4/4inch squares. I have tried to make the sizes of the utensils relative.

Want to learn more about Montessori at home with your toddler? Register to take the Understanding and Supporting your Toddler e-Course.

Are there any Utensils that your toddler uses frequently that is not included on my list or do you have any favorite story books that include recipes? Please share in the comments!

Live a Good Life.

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