Thank you and some exciting updates!

Hello there! I am so glad to be done with training and to have a little more time to share on here. As you know, I had grand dreams of sharing our experiences with you through out my recently concluded AMI 3-6 training, but reality hit, and I prioritized time with my children and time studying over blogging. However, I took A LOT of pictures and will gradually share our experiences with you. The first two months were very challenging but we made the best of it and survived. My mum came for the last month to allow me catch up on my school work, study for and pass my exams.

My graduation was on Saturday and I will repost my post from Facebook here:



I was so emotional when I walked up to collect my diploma. I went with my boys because we earned this diploma together. They were each in class with me at several points. They cried with me, made me cry, comforted me, motivated me and walked every step with me. I asked so much of them this year and they gave willingly. They adapted joyfully and stayed strong. They make my life so much richer and make the Montessori journey I’m on so much more exciting. It was hard, very hard at times but also amazing in more ways than I can describe. We made it!!!

Thank you to my husband for all the sacrifices, for never discouraging me but instead letting me fly higher. I pray that God blesses you abundantly for us.
Thank you to my parents and parents inlaw for the support. May God bless and replenish a thousand fold.

No way I would have done it without these two women: Mena I cannot thank you enough for your love and care for the boys and for being my time keeper. “Junnie! The bus arrive in 5 minutes! Go now.” Lol. We miss you and love you. Grazie Mille!
And my mum, Golda my sister, my friend, my assistant, my shield, my prayer warrior, the only one I trust completely and unquestionably with my children. Thank you thank you thank you. For all the house girl work lol. Thank you. For being the best Nnenne in the world and sacrificing your time, money and everything. God’s glory will never depart from you! You will reap all your have sown!

PicMonkey Collage
Thank you to my trainers Sylvia Dorantes and Luana for a rich Montessori experience which will remain with me for the rest of my life. Thank you for supporting my very unconventional situation. Thank you also to Sophia and Jana for all the support and also to my wonderful examiners Mrs Patel and Mrs Krumins for tying all the learning together and making me realize just how much I learned.
Perugia Friends
Thank you Claudia Magaloni for everything. You were my fairy godmother
Thank you to my wonderful classmates for putting up with me and my boys and the inconveniences we caused. Catherine, Morgan, Maéla, Marcela, Paula, Petra, Uke Lelen, Roberta, Stefania, Sara, Loredana, Darren, Marta, Federica, Giselle, and Nihara. I am so glad to have shared this journey with you and enlarged my global family.

Thank you Yolanda for giving me a second home where I could escape to and study.
Thank you Sveta for buying me Gelato all the way from Austin TX. I am so blessed to have you in my life.

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Thank you to Pete, Julia and Mirella for hosting us in France and Greece, and making our stay so much richer. You left strong marks on the boy’s hearts and we will hold the memories with us.

Thank YOU, my global family for all your comments, likes, encouragement, prayers and support. It lifted me up on days when I was down and encouraged me. I am so blessed to be on this amazing journey and to share it with you.

Thank God for his grace, his amazing grace which renewed my strength daily. He granted me favor and sent me angels when I needed them. I really cannot say enough how much I felt his hands and love over our lives during our time here.

Now to the exciting updates:

I am now in India for two weeks to attend the AMI Educateurs sans Frontieres (Educators without borders) assembly in Hyderabad. Today we talked about storytelling and its importance in sharing our messages. It was amazing for me because for the month of August, I had planned to share many stories with you.

All month, I will be spotlighting Montessori parents from around the world. I have asked them questions that I hope will reveal the diversity and variety of Montessori. My hope is to show what the try essence of Montessori parenting is. Hopefully with every spotlight, you will find somethings that resonate with you, get some helpful ideas and be encouraged to continue on this beautiful journey!

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I am offering the infant course again starting August 16th! I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from previous participants. You can read some of the reviews here.

I am working on the toddler course and will be offering it in September. If interested, please send a message via the Contact me page so I can notify you once registration opens.


Live a good life!


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  1. Congratulations!! What an awesome accomplishment – and one to be SO PROUD OF! And thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures (makes me miss Mrs. Patel and some of the other wonderful wise women of Montessori!)

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