How can I help my child to feed himself?

Get the right sized spoon.

The importance of choosing the right size cutlery, tools, utensils etc. for the child is often underestimated. It can be the difference between success and failure in acquiring a skill. It is a key factor considered when choosing materials for the child in a Montessori home/environment. I had an opportunity to observe the difference it makes recently.

Spoon Square picture for your child

Metu was in a hurry to eat his cereal and so I gave him Solu’ s spoon while looking for his own. I was actually making a video because he was blowing his food like an adult but then I noticed what a difference the spoon size made.

The spoon he is using is a small spoon – the size of a tea spoon which I know a lot of people substitute for proper infant spoons. You can see the difference that the extra size and length make.

Now here he is using his own spoon

If your child is struggling to feed self or spilling a lot of food while eating, it might be that you have the wrong size cutlery.

Thanks to sweet Gwen Logan of Austin Montessori School for gifting the boys this wonderful set. I highly recommend it. The weight and size are perfect, they are beautiful and the packaging was lovely. It’s one that we will probably save to pass down. For reference, Metu will be 14 months old tomorrow and Solu will be 3 in August. Solu using the toddler set (fork knife and spoon) and Metu uses the infant set (fork and spoon).