Is this Montessori e-course for me?

I have gotten questions from Montessori guides trained at other levels or assistants in the classroom wondering if they would benefit from the understanding and supporting your infant e-course. There have also been questions about different time zones or people with english as a second language wondering if the course would work for them. I thought I’d share some relevant reviews to answer these questions.

The first review is from Julia Anderson Giacomotti, Mother of an 11 months old boy, AMI trained elementary guide and school owner in France. Julia took the course in December when her son was 5 months old. Here’s what Julia had to say about the course:

“It has been a little while that I’m following Junnifa on Facebook. Last autumn I realized that she was doing a 0 to 3 years old online course. Being a montessori teacher (6-12 years old) and a new mum, I was really happy to have the opportunity to follow a course from home.

Her course was amazing, I got so many ideas for my baby. It made me change quite a few things in the house for the wellbeing of my son. Like with a lot of new parents, so many people are giving us advice on what they think is best for our children, but following Junnifa’s course in the first months of my child’s life helped me to keep doing what felt right to me for my child. And hopefully it will help him to grow as an independent and happy child.

Junnifa has been so helpful during the course as well, she always replied to any questions I had really quickly. The lessons were super interesting, very clear, not too short not too long (especially important when you have a really demanding baby!). It was so great to have a résumé (notes) of the lessons as well to go back to it (which I have done many times already).

I can’t wait for the next course! Thank you Junnifa”

-Julia Anderson Giacomotti

The second review is from Pilar Bewley of Pilar is a mother to two young children and also an AMI elementary trained guide. I value Pilar’s opinion and asked her to preview the course and let me know what she thought. Here’s what she had to say:

“I loved your recordings, they are not dumbed down and are perfect, like you say, for the person who wants to delve deeper but doesn’t have time or inclination to read the books. It is also ideal for Primary and Elementary trained people who don’t necessarily want to do the A to I training but want to gain a deeper understanding of those first three years.

Oh, I loved the worksheet!!!!! I need to do that, especially the second part, I need to observe intelligently instead of just thinking “Look how cute my baby is”

Junnifa, this is really a great resource! All of it. It’s definitely NOT for the mom who just wants to know how to make Montessori activities. It’s really an in-depth training for people who have some initial understanding and want to go deeper.”

-Pilar Bewley

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