Back in Perugia

We are back in Perugia so I can complete my AMI 3-6 training. I took a lot of pictures last year but never got around to writing posts.

This time, I want to do a better job of documenting our experience and so will do be posting a lot of pictures with or without text. So here goes!

I traveled by myself with the boys from Lagos. Our first flight was 7 hours to Dubai. It was pleasant. There was a free seat close by so the guy sitting next to us moved so that Metu could have a seat. The boys occupied themselves by opening the packaging for the earphones, blankets etc.Apparently tearing open plastic bags is hard work for a toddler. They also enjoyed figuring out how to take out and put back the control from its console. Solu enjoyed listening to music,  turning the lights on and off and using it as a phone. I just had to point out the call button so that he wouldn’t disturb the flight attendants. They both enjoyed the meals and then slept. 

I slept too. We woke up right when we arrived Dubai. We had a 2 hour layover so we walked to our gate. It wasn’t open so we sat down to have a snack.

When the gate was opened, we went in and the boys watched the ground traffic

Until Solu had to pee and we had to uncheck in and go out. Lol. We made it back in time and boarding was a simple process. 

There was an empty seat close by again but our neighbor did not move so I had to carry Metu for most of the flight. Both boys were awake for the first 3 or 4 hours of the flight and again they entertained themselves. I even slept for a while. During my nap the flight attendants brought them some balloons because I woke up to find them playing with balloons. Solu eventually tired himself out and asked me to read him a book. He fell asleep like 1 minute into the book. I had to back Metu and do a few aisle laps to get him to sleep.

We landed in Rome by 1.45pm and I had to take the bus to Perugia at 2.30pm. I had to go through immigration, pick up our 4 bags and 1 hand luggage, find the bus station and buy a ticket/get on the bus. Solu was sleeping and I didn’t want to wake him up so I pulled out my trusty wrapper again and backed him. The other passengers found this quite amusing!

Once we were ready, I said a prayer asking God for favor and we were on our way. Immigration was a breeze. Thanks to the children, we were moved to an express line. Next thing baggage! I said another prayer asking God for speed and strength. Thankfully our bags came out early and I was able to grab them off. Apparently the other passengers were too busy watching to help. Lol. Two people eventually helped me load the bags into the trolley and it was time to find the bus station. It was about 2.05pm! We were doing great with time. Solu was still sleeping.

I followed the signs and also asked to directions till I found the station. We had 10 minutes to spare! Solu woke up and I put both boys down to stretch their legs before our bus ride

The boys hadn’t eaten and I was worried they would be hungry and grumpy but they were in relatively good spirits. I only had a piece of bread and one box of juice left over so I saved it for them to share once on the bus.

The trip from Perugia to Rome took a little over 3 hours. We came down so Solu could pee at the rest stop and bought the only thing that didn’t have cheese on it- Pringles for the boys to eat. Otherwise, it was an uneventful trip. 

It felt nice to arrive in Perugia but I also felt a little nervous and overwhelmed with emotions knowing that I would be alone with the boys but then I reminded myself that I am never alone with God’s help and the Holy Spirit. One of the trainers, the course admin and the lady who would be caring for Metu when Solu and I are in school met us at the station and drove us to our apartment.

I wasn’t sure how traveling alone with 2 children under 3 would but it went great. We stayed screen free, there was no crying and they seriously were amazing. I think a big part of it is their Montessori upbringing and I have been reminded so many times during this experience how a Montessori Child is such a gift to the parent. 

There is still time to register for the understanding and supporting your infant e-course!

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