Applying Montessori from Birth: Observations at 15 weeks

This is a preview to  Month 4. I typed up this observations at 15 weeks. Hopefully this gives you some ideas on how I observed and what I looked for. From birth, I spent most of my time observing him. It guided me on how to prepare and modify his environment and showed me what he was working on at each point. Enjoy…

I didn’t realize 15 weeks have passed since we started this journey. I just looked up his age for this post. He has grown so much in the last 15 weeks. Here is a summary of thing he is doing now.

Gross Motor:

lifts head and shoulder up and holds it up for up to 4 mins. Can repeat several times

Slithers from one point to another. It is easier for him to move backwards or rotate.

When sitted/propped with support he lift his head forward as if trying to sit down

Just yesterday, he started lifting his butt and tummy when attempting to slither

He seems to be attempting to roll over but this is purely speculation based on some of his movements

Fine Motor/EHC:

He can reach for a suspended object semi-efficiently but still misses several times

He can grasp and hold on to an object for several minutes

He lets go of items in his grasp but it is still unclear whether this is intentional

He can bring objects in his grasp to his mouth

Today I observed him holding a rattle in one hand and using the other hand to touch it

He usually bats, reaches and grasps with his left hand


Solu makes a lot of sounds!

He keeps quiets and watches the mouth of the speaker when being spoken to and then he responds

Recently, he has been screaming, yelling, screeching and making different louds sounds

About two weeks ago, he spent a lot of time blowing spit bubbles and playing with his lips

He likes being sung to and has favorite songs. His current favorite song is “Solu ebezina na mummy no nso”

He makes a sound to tell you he wants you to repeat an action.

The other day while being breastfed, we stopped to buy gas. When it became hot, he broke the latch and babbled. We all had a good laugh because it really seemed like he was saying “why did you put off the car? I am hot!”


Solu poops once day usually in the morning. I have recently introduced the potty since he is quite regular. We have used it for 6 days (2 sets of 3 consecutive days) and each time, he farted as soon as he sat and then pooped after a few minutes. He pees when he is done pooping.

I have not tracked his pees or noticed any pattern. He pees when taking a bath and I try to change his diaper every two or three hours and it is usually soaked.

He is cloth diapered.

Interaction with materials:

His favorite toy right now is the puzzle ball. He will watch it for long periods and also hold it and bring to mouth.

he also enjoys looking at the mirror but only for short periods of time.

I plan to try a stylized wood mobile before the end of the week. I will report on how it goes.

He interacts with his books and it is very easy to tell which ones are his favorite pages or images.

He makes a sound to tell you he wants you to repeat an action


Solu is breastfed on demand and will usually root or suck with index finger when hungry. He will fuss if he is not responded to after a while.

He eats best when he is almost asleep or when he has just woken up. At other times he gets distracted and takes a lot of breaks.

He has to be burped or burps himself several times while eating. He also farts a lot and seems to have a lot of gas.

He seems to react to powdered milk (ingested by me) and has even more gas.

When I have a lot of carbs and no veggies, he struggles with pooping.

we recently started touching some food on his lip or tongue to give him a taste. So far we have done grapes, raw plantains, apple. We just bring it close to his mouth or rub his lip. he is tentative and then he licks or reaches for it.


Solu sleeps 3-4 hour stretches

He currently sleeps in our bed and nurses to sleep (NOT very Montessori)

We are currently trying to transition him to his floor bed for naps. He wakes up after 40 mins, which he also does in our bed, but instead of going back to bed, he starts looking around and trying to slither

He fights sleep ALOT! Especially when he is very tired

He is better off when you catch him on the first yawn or eye rub otherwise he tries everything from sucking, licking your hand or his own, scratching the bed, not blinking, looking around, raising his hand, gripping your finger and many more to stay awake.

His current schedule seems to be: Wake up around 6-7am, nurse, bath, walk/play, feed. nap between 9 and 11, feed, play, nap around 1-3, feed, play, very short nap around 4.30ish, bathtime around 6-7 and sleep around 7-8pm.


The other night Solu woke up to nurse and I had to use the bathroom so his dad held him and was talking to him. When I walked back into the room, I did not make a sound but he saw me from the corner and was really startled. It was like he did not expect someone to be there. It was quite funny and strange at the same time. We are used to him being startled by some sounds but this was different.

Recently I noticed that as soon as he gets hot and starts sweating, he turn, stretches, bends or does whatever he needs to do to look/stare at the air conditioner. Has he made the connection?


Solu is a very happy boy. He smiles a lot and interacts with ppl. He recognizes faces especially those of his parents. When he wakes up, he takes a little time to warm up. He has a serious face that he gets when he is put in his car seat or stroller.


Solu is growing taller and bigger daily. Everyone who sees him comments on how healthy, big and strong he is for his age. He has some rashes on his chest and back but they seem to be clearing.

He has taken the BCG, Penta 1 and Penta 2 vaccines. The Penta 2 left a small dent in his left thigh.

This is a summary of my little guy at 15 weeks. I am so thankful and blessed to be taking this journey with him!

7 thoughts on “Applying Montessori from Birth: Observations at 15 weeks

  1. What a lovely account. I too co slept with my daughter and didn’t think of it not being Montessori. It is was so instinctual and satisfying. We used floor beds and only now is she beginning to sleep in her own bed – mostly.

    1. You are right Beth and as I read more of Montessori’s own words, I see that she was not against co-sleeping. We are the same re: ” “mostly” 🙂

    2. I really enjoy reading your blog. I’ll have you know, my daughter has just turned 5! Montessori has shaped our lives in an amazing way.

  2. I see a lot of my Coco in this, she’s roughly the same age just now and we’re co-sleepers, though a bit reluctantly, on my part. A few weeks back, I started making a note of what she’s been doing too, because it’s quite easily forgetten.

    1. Tell me about it. I wish I had written more. Reading this, inspired me to pick up writing down my observations again because you really do forget.

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