Video: Making Almond Milk

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I think videos are worth even more. Sorry it’s a little shaky and a little loud in parts. I think it helps to see the pace, the language, cues etc, Hopefully it gives you an idea of what working with a toddler in the kitchen can look like and encourages you to do more with your child in the kitchen.

Remember we started with a smaller pitcher and have done this together at least 5 times.

Live a Good Life!

p.s. I have requested a tripod and video camera for christmas so bear with me 🙂

2 thoughts on “Video: Making Almond Milk

  1. Seriously Nduoma, if Naijadad had a mum like you, I wouldn’t have to be cleaning up after him and life would definitely be easier for me. Well done to Solu and to you, the boy is on the right track from the very beginning.

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