Favorite Toys: A drum

In the place where his shelf was formerly located, we put a music shelf. You might remember this was his first living room shelf from when he was about 6 months old. The drum and xylophone are always there but the baskets and picture are rotated.
The drum is permanently located in his music area
Most times he stands and drums with his hands or the drumsticks and other times like today, he moves it down and sits down and drums. He has been really interested in sitting on this stool recently. We frequently find him sitting there even when he is not paying the drum.
Music and Gross
Music is so great for children. Apart from helping language development, can you see the joy on his face?
Maximum effort
The drum is a great item to carry around when the child is in the period of maximum effort
Drumming is great for bilaterization because the child is using both sides of his body so the left and right sides of his brain are communicating. Drumsticks are great but maracas are apparently great too. Sing, drum and shake! Why not? Mummy doesn’t have a headache at all :p
Developing a sense of order. It is so important to have a place for everything and everything in it’s place. This is the place for the drum and when he is done moving it and drumming and all of that good stuff, he almost always returns it to the stand with or without prompting.
Done :)
The drumsticks too. Done 🙂

I love the water bottle and its stand. All him.

Live a Good Life!

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