Walking at his pace

” All he wants is to walk. And because his legs are shorter than ours, we must not try to make him keep up with us. It is we who must go at his pace… The child has his own laws of development and if we want to help him grow, it is a question of following these, not of imposing ourselves upon him.” -Maria Montessori
I love these walks for so many reasons. The sensorial experiences,  the social interactions, the opportunities for independence, fresh air and just the joy of following him and going at his pace.

Points of interest
In the beginning he is dancing to the birds. I was wondering what he was doing and then I figured it out. It’s such a blessing to experience life from the child’s view.

Around the 4 minute mark, I considered stopping him because he was about to get into the grass, but then held myself back and I am glad I did. Watch to see why. I’m constantly amazed by what a 10 month old is capable of when given the opportunity. These moments remind me to give him the opportunity to show me what he understands.

I also love his reaction when he saw the baby a minute or two later.

Take some time as often as you can to walk at the child’s pace.

Live a Good Life!

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