It’s not too early to give choices

“We must help the child to act for himself, will for himself, think to himself…” – Maria Montessori

What better way to help the child think, will and act for himself than by offering choices? I offer a choice of clothes, diapers, toys (on the shelf), and books to read to him amongst other things.  His choices are not random but “thought out.” He usually takes his time to scan the options and smiles a big smile when he makes a choice.  Sometimes I test him (for my own research… Please don’t do this) by switching hands or trying to get him to choose again and he always stays with his first choice. This tells me that they are not random.

Decision making is a valuable life skill… why not lay the foundation early? I believe these opportunities also build his self confidence. They let him know I trust that he can make a decision and that I respect his decision. I never provide more than two options, both of which I am comfortable with. In this way, he has freedom, but within limits.

Every time, his smile tells me that he appreciates the opportunity to choose.

It also provides and opportunity to learn what his preferences are.

Enjoy this very brief video.

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    1. Oh Heather, I was pleasantly surprised to to see your comment. You were my first Montessori teacher and definitely kindled the desire to know more. Yes, all is going very well. Thank you for subscribing.

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