Introducing a fork (in pictures)

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Setting the table Bib, placemat, spoon, dish, fork, glass for water, tray holding food, pitcher of water and wipes for cleaning table The child is absorbing everything including beauty so make sure the set up is beautiful and inviting!
Setting the table
Invite the child Invite the child to the table. You can call his name and say “your meal is ready. When introducing cutlery, it is a good idea to do it with a meal the child likes. We have potatoes, carrots and fish, as you can see his mouth is watering The child sits down. You can help him to sit or show him how if he is still learning, We are at the show him how stage Make sure he is comfortable and close enough to the table
Invite the child
Help him to do it himself Give the vocabulary for the items: “Fork, dish, spoon, cup…” You could then say “You’re going to feed yourself with a fork!” You could also tell him what he is eating. Use the fork to take a piece of food and put it in the dish in front of the child. Remember isolation of difficulty? Today the focus is on bringing the fork from the plate to his mouth. Once he has mastered this, we can work on him taking the food from the bigger dish. Be patient. He might want to examine the food before bringing it to his mouth Whether the food makes it to his mouth or he misses, stay calm. Don't overreact. You may say something like “You used a fork by yourself” or “You are feeding yourself with a fork” You could also just smile and continue with the process (this is my preference. By the way, don’t forget to put on the bib like we did!
Help him to do it himself
Control of error Resist the urge to correct the child when the fork is held wrongly or misguided. Remember there is a built-in control of error. If the food does not get into his mouth, he’ll know he did something wrong and will figure it out. That said, make sure he has opportunities to watch you eat. He will absorb what he needs to know!
Control of error
Clean up Finally, stay close and focus on the process instead of taking pictures (at least not the first time like I did) :p
Clean up


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