My crawler and his flood pants

My husband recently asked me why I keep dressing our son in “flood pants”.



Husband: Does he need new clothes?

Me: Nope! He’s a crawler.

Husband: What has that got to do with his pants?

Me: Crawling can be hard  on clothes especially in Nigeria. They get dirty and worn. I don’t want his clothes to be the reason I restrict his freedom to crawl and I want his knees covered. So what do I do? Dress him in old pants!

They are comfortable, cover his knees, are not to big to get in the way of his movement or trip him, and I don’t care if they get dirty or rip. Score!

P.s. I also recommend leg warmers for slithering babies and crawlers.

Have a lovely Weekend and see you next week with more posts about the newborn’s environment.


Live a GoodLife!