The Symbiotic period- Supporting the child

Yesterday’s post talked about the symbiotic period and the support needed by the mother. Today’s post takes off where we left off and discusses the support needed by the child

The first and most important need of the child during the symbiotic period is LOVE in the form of acceptance. The goal of the symbiotic period for the child is to learn that the world is a good place that wants and responds to him. This knowledge allows him to adapt and approach live positively. The child receives this message of love from the way he is nourished by his mother (and father), the way he is held, the way he is smiled at, spoken to and cared for in general. Children have a keen ability to ready body language. the body language and actions while interacting with the child sends him the message of love.

Even the father can help in communicating the message of love and acceptance to the child by holding him lovingly, singing and talking to him, helping in his physical care etc.
Even the father can help in communicating the message of love and acceptance to the child by holding him lovingly, singing and talking to him, helping in his physical care etc.

An environment prepared for him

While the newborn needs to be held a lot, he also needs to enjoy time alone to explore this environment that he will be adapting to. Preparing the environment is another way that we show the child love and acceptance. “We love you so much that we prepared special places for you in our home. We want you to make it your home too.” The environment does not take a lot to prepare. There are 4 areas that should be taken into consideration.

An area for Sleeping: this can be a moses basket or bassinet kept close to the mother’s side of the bed. This should be kept on a stand or a table. I believe there are arm’s reach co-sleepers that also serve this purpose but we used a bassinet on a table. Having it on a high surface means the mother does not need to bend to pick up the baby. This is important especially if the mother had a c-section or is recovering from a complicated birth


A bassinet holding 2 day old
A bassinet holding 2 day old. Enough space to move while still feeling surrounded like he felt in the womb

An area for Eating:

A comfortable chair for the mother, a small side table to hold water, a snack, a book and whatever the mother might need while breastfeeding. Maybe a small stool for her to raise her legs. A nice picture or a piece of art can be put just above the chair so that the child can enjoy it while being burped. A vase with some flowers, a plant or anything that will make this area cosy can be added. A lot of time will be spent feeding during the symbiotic period so love and care should be put into the setting up of this area

An area for Physical Care:

Just as there is a lot of feeding and eating during the symbiotic period, there is also a lot of peeing and pooping which means a lot of diaper changes. The comfort of the mother should also be taken into consideration is preparing this area. The child is not moving a lot so it should high enough that the adult does not have to bend. Everything needed for changing should be readily available so that the baby is never left alone. So diaper, wipes, diaper cream

Changing table/Area for physical care
Changing table/Area for physical care with every changing need including changing mat, diapers, wipes, diaper cream/oil, bin for soiled diapers, napkins, and warm water for wipes within reach
Diapers and wipes
Diapers and wipes

An area for Movement:

The other three areas I have mentioned are pretty much no-brainers. Most people think of this areas when making modifications for the baby in their home. The movement area however, is usually not thought about. This is also the one area that is prepared solely for the child’s comfort and development.

The movement area for a newborn
The movement area for a newborn


The next post will discuss the movement area in detail.

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