The flower and the vase…

“Impressions pour into us (adults) and we store them in our minds; but we ourselves remain apart from them, just as a vase keeps separate from the water it contains. Instead, the child undergoes a transformation. Impressions do not merely enter the mind; they form it” -Maria Montessori

I love this analogy  describing the difference between the adult mind and the child’s mind.  While the adult mind takes in information and impressions and stores them like a vase holding water, the child’s mind absorbs it like the plant absorbs water. The information or impression becomes part of the child and transforms him just like plants. The right amount of good water would help the plant grow and thrive while bad water would kill the plant.

Let’s watch the impressions and information that we let into our children’s lives! Every experience is absorbed.

Come back tomorrow for the post on activities for the first three months!

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4 thoughts on “The flower and the vase…

  1. I have become a great believer in some of the principles of Maria Montessori, learning that children have an absorbent mind. We must unlearn the ill mode and learn the best methods to bring children up. Great job Nduoma.

  2. Wow! It means we as adults really have to be very careful wht we feed ds children with both d ones they eat, hear, see, feel and smell. God has to help us parents to bring up these children the right way. Thanks 4 ur write ups Nduoma. Any parent dt follow up ur write ups will do his/her chilren good.

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